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The Corporate Social Responsibility Portal is an initiative by District Administration Pulwama to establish a platform to disseminate Corporate Social Responsibility related data and information filed by the CSR Partners with it.
The Corporate Social Responsibility concept in India is governed by Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013 and Rules made thereunder wherein the criteria has been provided for assessing the CSR eligibility of a company, Implementation and Reporting of their CSR Policies.
The CSR ambit is getting bigger and for upcoming years it would turn as a unique knowledge base for analyzing and achieving sustainability goals as among various large economies India is a country which has assured by mandating CSR through its legislative action.




    Cooperative Deptt. Superbazar pulwama donating a cheque of Rs 1.00 lacs towards District CSR.

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    Individual Contributions of Rs 25000 each made by traders Tariq Ahmad And Mushtaq Ahmad towards District CSR Fund.

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Acct. No: 0054010200003427.
Act. title: CSR Funds Pulwama
Name of Bank: J&K Bank
Branch: Main Bazar Pulwama.

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Mr Naushad Rather
District Statistics And Evaluation Officer, Pulwama
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Deputy Commissioner Dr. Raghav Langer, IAS

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Corona virus outbreak has posed serious challenges before the Govt not only in the health care system but on overall development and welfare of people. District Administration Pulwama has been on the forefront for effective management of covid-19 virus and its spread. All the resources available with the administration have been set in motion and medical professional, Nodal Officers, Municipal workers, ASHA and Anganwardi Workers among others to mention are working round-the-clock to save the people from the virus.

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135. Corporate Social Responsibility
(1) Every company having net worth of rupees five hundred crore or more, or turnover of rupees one thousand crore or more or a net profit of rupees five crore or more during any financial year shall constitute a Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of the Board consisting of three or more directors, out of which at least one director shall be an independent director.

(2) The Board's report under sub-section (3) of section 134 shall disclose the composition of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee.

(3) The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee shall,—
(a) formulate and recommend to the Board, a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy which shall indicate the activities to be undertaken by the company as specified in Schedule VII;
(b) recommend the amount of expenditure to be incurred on the activities referred to in clause (a); and
(c) monitor the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy of the company from time to time.

(4) The Board of every company referred to in sub-section (1) shall,—
(a) after taking into account the recommendations made by the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, approve the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy for the company and disclose contents of such Policy in its report and also place it on the company's website, if any, in such manner as may be prescribed; and
(b) ensure that the activities as are included in Corporate Social Responsibility Policy of the company are undertaken by the company.

(5) The Board of every company referred to in sub-section (1), shall ensure that the company spends, in every financial year, at least two per cent. of the average net profits of the company made during the three immediately preceding financial years, in pursuance of its Corporate Social Responsibility Policy: Provided that the company shall give preference to the local area and areas around it where it operates, for spending the amount earmarked for Corporate Social Responsibility activities:
Provided further that if the company fails to spend such amount, the Board shall, in its report made under clause (o) of sub-section (3) of section 134, specify the reasons for not spending the amount.

Explanation.—For the purposes of this section “average net profit” shall be calculated in accordance with the provisions of section 198.

134. Financial statement, Board’s report, etc
(1) The financial statement, including consolidated financial statement, if any, shall be approved by the Board of Directors before they are signed on behalf of the Board at least by the chairperson of the company where he is authorised by the Board or by two directors out of which one shall be managing director and the Chief Executive Officer, if he is a director in the company, the Chief Financial Officer and the company secretary of the company, wherever they are appointed, or in the case of a One Person Company, only by one director, for submission to the auditor for his report thereon.

(2) The auditors’ report shall be attached to every financial statement.

(3) There shall be attached to statements laid before a company in general meeting, a report by its Board of Directors, which shall include—
(a) the extract of the annual return as provided under sub-section (3) of section 92;
(b) number of meetings of the Board;
(c) Directors’ Responsibility Statement;
(d) a statement on declaration given by independent directors under sub-section
(6) of section 149;
(e) in case of a company covered under sub-section (1) of section 178, company’s policy on directors’ appointment and remuneration including criteria for determining qualifications, positive attributes, independence of a director and other matters provided under sub-section (3) of section 178;
(f) explanations or comments by the Board on every qualification, reservation or adverse remark or disclaimer made—
(i) by the auditor in his report; and
(ii) by the company secretary in practice in his secretarial audit report;
(g) particulars of loans, guarantees or investments under section 186;
(h) particulars of contracts or arrangements with related parties referred to in sub-section (1) of section 188 in the prescribed form;
(i) the state of the company’s affairs;
(j) the amounts, if any, which it proposes to carry to any reserves;
(k) the amount, if any, which it recommends should be paid by way of dividend;
(l) material changes and commitments, if any, affecting the financial position of the company which have occurred between the end of the financial year of the company to which the financial statements relate and the date of the report;
(m) the conservation of energy, technology absorption, foreign exchange earnings and outgo, in such manner as may be prescribed;
(n) a statement indicating development and implementation of a risk management policy for the company including identification therein of elements of risk, if any, which in the opinion of the Board may threaten the existence of the company;
(o) the details about the policy developed and implemented by the company on corporate social responsibility initiatives taken during the year;
(p) in case of a listed company and every other public company having such paid-up share capital as may be prescribed, a statement indicating the manner in which formal annual evaluation has been made by the Board of its own performance and that of its committees and individual directors;
(q) such other matters as may be prescribed.

(4) The report of the Board of Directors to be attached to the financial statement under this section shall, in case of a One Person Company, mean a report containing explanations or comments by the Board on every qualification, reservation or adverse remark or disclaimer made by the auditor in his report.

(5) The Directors’ Responsibility Statement referred to in clause (c) of sub-section (3) shall state that—
(a) in the preparation of the annual accounts, the applicable accounting standards had been followed along with proper explanation relating to material departures;
(b) the directors had selected such accounting policies and applied them consistently and made judgments and estimates that are reasonable and prudent so as to give a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the company at the end of the financial year and of the profit and loss of the company for that period;
(c) the directors had taken proper and sufficient care for the maintenance of adequate accounting records in accordance with the provisions of this Act for safeguarding the assets of the company and for preventing and detecting fraud and other irregularities;
(d) the directors had prepared the annual accounts on a going concern basis; and
(e) the directors, in the case of a listed company, had laid down internal financial controls to be followed by the company and that such internal financial controls are adequate and were operating effectively.
Explanation.—For the purposes of this clause, the term “internal financial controls” means the policies and procedures adopted by the company for ensuring the orderly and efficient conduct of its business, including adherence to company’s policies, the safeguarding of its assets, the prevention and detection of frauds and errors, the accuracy and completeness of the accounting records, and the timely preparation of reliable financial information;
(f) the directors had devised proper systems to ensure compliance with the provisions of all applicable laws and that such systems were adequate and operating effectively.

(6) The Board’s report and any annexures thereto under sub-section (3) shall be signed by its chairperson of the company if he is authorised by the Board and where he is not so authorised, shall be signed by at least two directors, one of whom shall be a managing director, or by the director where there is one director.

(7) A signed copy of every financial statement, including consolidated financial statement, if any, shall be issued, circulated or published along with a copy each of—
(a) any notes annexed to or forming part of such financial statement;
(b) the auditor’s report; and
(c) the Board’s report referred to in sub-section (3).

(8) If a company contravenes the provisions of this section, the company shall be punishable with fine which shall not be less than fifty thousand rupees but which may extend to twenty-five lakh rupees and every officer of the company who is in default shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years or with fine which shall not be less than fifty thousand rupees but which may extend to five lakh rupees, or with both.

Schedule III
(See section 129)

1. Where compliance with the requirements of the Act including Accounting Standards as applicable to the companies require any change in treatment or disclosure including addition, amendment, substitution or deletion in the head or sub-head or any changes, inter se, in the financial statements or statements forming part thereof, the same shall be made and the requirements of this Schedule shall stand modified accordingly.

2. The disclosure requirements specified in this Schedule are in addition to and not in substitution of the disclosure requirements specified in the Accounting Standards prescribed under the Companies Act, 2013. Additional disclosures specified in the Accounting Standards shall be made in the notes to accounts or by way of additional statement unless required to be disclosed on the face of the Financial Statements. Similarly, all other disclosures as required by the Companies Act shall be made in the notes to accounts in addition to the requirements set out in this Schedule.

3. (i) Notes to accounts shall contain information in addition to that presented in the Financial Statements and shall provide where required (a) narrative descriptions or disaggregations of items recognised in those statements; and (b) information about items that do not qualify for recognition in those statements.
(ii) Each item on the face of the Balance Sheet and Statement of Profit and Loss shall be cross-referenced to any related information in the notes to accounts. In preparing the Financial Statements including the notes to accounts, a balance shall be maintained between providing excessive detail that may not assist users of financial statements and not providing important information as a result of too much aggregation.

4. (i) Depending upon the turnover of the company, the figures appearing in the Financial Statements may be rounded off as given below:—
Rounding off

(a) less than one hundred crore rupees To the nearest hundreds, thousands, lakhs or millions, or decimals thereof.
(b) one hundred crore rupees or more To the nearest lakhs, millions or crores, or decimals thereof.
(ii) Once a unit of measurement is used, it shall be used uniformly in the Financial Statements.

5. Except in the case of the first Financial Statements laid before the Company (after its incorporation) the corresponding amounts (comparatives) for the immediately preceding reporting period for all items shown in the Financial Statements including notes shall also be given.

6. For the purpose of this Schedule, the terms used herein shall be as per the applicable Accounting Standards.
Note:—This part of Schedule sets out the minimum requirements for disclosure on the face of the Balance Sheet, and the Statement of Profit and Loss (hereinafter referred to as “Financial Statements” for the purpose of this Schedule) and Notes. Line items, sub-line items and sub-totals shall be presented as an addition or substitution on the face of the Financial Statements when such presentation is relevant to an understanding of the company’s financial position or performance or to cater to industry/sector-specific disclosure requirements or when required for compliance with the amendments to the Companies Act or under the Accounting Standards.

                                                                                   District Administration Pulwama and __________________________________________________________________________

 Memorandum of Understanding


This Memorandum of Understanding is made and executed at District, Pulwama of J&K (UT) on ………… day of June 2020, By and between

The Government of J&K, represented by ___________________________nominated by District Development Commissioner Pulwama (Hereinafter referred to as the “First Party “or “Government”)


 (Name of the CSR Partner-Org./NGO/Trust/ Society along with its full address), registered under _________________________________ with Registration No. ___________________________________________, having its registered office at ______________________________________ in the ___________state of inida/UT of J&K represented by Mr.___________________ Name of the Person with Designation , (Hereinafter referred to as the ‘Second Party’ or CSR Partner-Org./NGO/Trust/ Society).

  1. Whereas the first party has the obligation of ensuring welfare of people, improving standard of living of all the domiciles and upliftment of weaker sections of society of the area as envisaged in Directive Principles of State Policy of Constitution of India.
  2. Whereas the first party provides various facilities to all the domiciles of the area and thus intends to collaborate with individuals, corporate bodies, societies, trusts and such other entities as are engaged in the implementation of quality welfare measures and providing primary, augmented and auxiliary facilities in all the sectors across the District.


Whereas the Second Party is working towards Human welfare in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir  and is now focusing on the need of improving the Economic services/facilities in the district by way of ________________________(name of project/facility) considering the unprecedented health and economic challenges that have come fore since the outbreak of Corona Virus.

  1. Background

In an effort to improve the Health facilities and to introduce augmented health care services in district Pulwama , Jammu and Kashmir subsequent to the outbreak of Covid-19, the first party and the Second Party have agreed in principle for the welfare of the people to work symbiotically to ensure provision of amenities by way of ________________________________________________ (name of project/facility)   in the District.

  1. Scope of partnership
  2. The first party and Second Party will as and when required during the period of this Memorandum of Understanding, collaborate on such mutually agreed initiatives and programs that have potential to improve the Economic facilities in the district, in a systemic manner.
  3. The Second Party will source financial resources and budgets from (Parent Organization/donors) as mutually agreed from time to time for such initiatives.
  4. The Second Party will bring in necessary technical resources for capacity building to provide the necessary handholding to the stake holders for such initiatives as and when required.
  5. The designated officer shall on behalf of Government ensure that all necessary formalities and Government orders are issued in timely manner to provide adequate time and scope to Second Party to contribute and participate.
  6. Both parties will fulfill their respective roles and responsibilities as outlined in the subsequent sections of this Memorandum of Understanding
  7. The designated officer for the purpose will work in a synchronized manner with the Second Party, provide leadership and act as figurehead, resource allocator and Liaison officer to enable the district to derive optimum benefit and leverage from this partnership so that the motive of the affiliation is achieved. This is specifically mentioned to ensure that procedural delays, and such events do not slow down the planned schedule of activities under the partnership.
  8. Areas for joint initiatives

The Second Party has proposed to augment and assistant the district administration to  effectively tackle the magnitude of  challenges posed before the authorities due to the outbreak of COVID 19 and has  taken up the following activities towards improving basic economic infrastructure in the district.

  1. Execution of Projects/Supply of Essential

The below detailed project shall be taken up by the Second Party under the supervision of the First Party. The execution project shall be initiated on _______________(date) and will be completed on ____________and handed over to First Party on ________________(date)

Name of the Project Specifications/details
  1. Supply of Essential:

The below detailed essentials shall be provided by the Second Party and will be handed over to First Party on _______________(date)

   Name of the Item Qty in No.s


The committee of following officers under the Chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner Pulwama at the district level will ensure proper monitoring, implementation, awareness and optimal   utilization of CSR funds received in the District from CSR Partners

  1. Deputy Commissioner/DDC, Pulwama.                                      (Chairman).
  2. Additional District Development Commissioner          (Member)
  3. Assistant Commissioner Development Pulwama.        (Member)
  4. District Statistics, Evaluation & Monitoring Officer Pulwama. (Member secretary)
  5. Chief Planning Officer Pulwama.        (Member)
  6. Commercial Taxation Officer Pulwama.         (Member)
  7. Executive Engineer R&B Division Pulwama.         (Member)
  8. District Treasury officer Pulwama.         (Member)

Astt. Commissioner Revenue., Chief Edu. Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Distt. Social Welfare Officer, Programme Officer ICDS, Distt. Informatics Officer NIC & Astt. Labour Commissioner, Pulwama shall be the special invitees to the committee; apart from any other officer, as the committee deems fit, may be invited.

  1. Roles & Responsibilities:

 The Government:

  1. Top Management support and time:The Deputy Commissioner, Pulwama will chair a monthly review meeting of both parties. This will also help to ensure that necessary synergy between the  two parties is ensured and in case of any underlying nonfunctional conflict or misunderstanding the same could be sorted out through smoothening.
  2. Logistical Support: The government through nominated Nodal officers will provide necessary logistic support for smooth execution of project.
  3. Feedback: Under this Memorandum of Understanding, the Government can take feedback of the quality of material utilized/supplied, public opinion and feed from experts for any kind of improvements for periodic reviewing .
  4. The CSR Partner- Org./NGO/VO/CSO :
  5. The CSR partner/ NGO/Org. etc Society will nominate nodal person/persons for the initiatives in the Memorandum of Understanding.
  6. Allocation of necessary resources:The Society will make available the financial resources for purchase of the items as depicted in tables No.1 to 03. No budget support would be provided by the government.
  7. Technology: The first party shall make use of technology through CCTV Cameras with proper back up for effective supervision and monitoring of the process.
  8. The second party shall accept and abide by norms of Government of Jammu and Kashmir and Government of India.
  9. Quality Norms: The party second shall ensure the supply of quality products as per the approved standards only. Supply of substandard items can have and detrimental effect on the overall objective and accordingly quality certification of products/ ingredients is critical.
  10. Documentation:The party second can utilize its resources to develop comprehensive documentation on all joint initiatives and programs. The party second can install a display board in the project vicinity or may publish media reports for the awareness purposes only

Neither party shall be liable to the other in respect of anything which, apart from this provision, may constitute breach of this Agreement arising by reason of Force Majeure, namely circumstances beyond the reasonable control of either party which shall include (but shall not be limited to) acts of God, military authority, acts of the public enemy, war, riots, civil disturbances, insurrections, accidents, explosions, fires, earthquakes, floods, transportation embargoes, epidemics. However, if as a consequence of such cause, performance by a party under this Agreement shall be prevented for a period longer than one (1) month, then the other party shall have the right to terminate this Agreement. The terms of termination under this condition will be with no liabilities or penalties.


        Governing Law and jurisdiction : The parties hereby agree that this Agreement and all questions arising with it are governed by and will be construed according to the laws from time to time in force in India and the UT of Jammu and Kashmir and the parties irrevocably submit to the authority of the courts having jurisdiction in that state

  1. Severability:  In the event of any of these terms, conditions or provisions of this Agreement shall be held to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable to any extent, such term, condition, provision shall to that extent be severed from the remaining terms, conditions and provisions which shall continue to be valid to the fullest extent permitted by law and both parties agree to replace any invalid provision with a valid provision which most closely approximates the intent and economic effect of the invalid provision.
  2. Time Period of the MOU

The MoU will be valid till ______________(Date) from the date it is signed by both parties. It can be extended for another one year or it’s scope increased by mutual agreement. During the validity of the MoU, either party can terminate the agreement by giving two months’ notice. In the notice period, both parties will strive to bring the program to a smooth closure.

Both parties are expected to follow and complete their responsibilities as detailed above. Failure to complete it would be construed as non-compliance of accepted action, as the intended beneficiaries may lose out on the benefits. In the unlikely event of the Society not performing the committed obligations such as non-completion of work as per the agreed schedule under this Memorandum of Understanding and in such a manner as may be laid down, it shall be lawful for the Government to terminate the agreement and take over the incomplete work under “as is where is” condition without any liability on the Society after issue of notice not exceeding 30 days.



For GOVERNMENT OF Jammu and Kashmir




3.           For (CSR Partner- Org./NGO/ VO/CSO)




Mr.___________________________, Designated Officer

_____________________t Pulwama

Mr. ______________________________

(Designation), (Name CSR Partner- Org./NGO/VO/CSO)
with Address and Registration No.)


Place:                                                         Dated:



1. Click Here to Enter Details of NGO/VOs/CSOs working in Pulwama District

CSRs Partners

1. ICICI Bank Click here to see appreciation latter from District Administration

2. Cooperative Department Superbazar pulwama: Donated Cheque of Rs 1.00 lac towards District CSR.

3. Details Of NGO/CSOs/VOs Working In District Pulwama As 28/05/2020


Details Of NGO/CSOs/VOs Working In District Pulwama As 28/05/2020

S.No Name of the NGO NGO Head Office address Area of operation Contact No. Registered/un registered Type of Stock/ Speciality Detail of Volunteers Stock Distributed So far Stock available
1 Kadam Society Tahir Athar Chatpora






Kakapora, Awantipora

8899074073 7187-s-2018 Ration packets


1-Suhail Ahmad Pandith 6005597296.

2-Firdous Ahmad 9018388373

3-Wani Inamul Haq 9149700107

250 Kits given to Migrant camp Wajahat School 50 kg of Rice.

1000 Masks

2. Peace Foundation Ijaz ah Khan Check


B.K Pora


Pampore/ Kakapora 7006509176      UR Ration Kit 1-Rayees Mohd Bhat 7889455263

2-Bilal Ahmad Khan


3-Ab Rashid wani


25 kits of Ration to Migrant Camp Kaka Pora Higher Secondary

25 Kits to Local Population Kisergam, Laribal,

3. ECO peace Resource Foundation Ruhail Rashid parray Raj Bagh







9419060045 Regd. No.



Indian Companies


Cooked ration 1 qtl. Rice

15 ltr Cooking


25 kg Potato

25 Kg Onion

and other


4 Ramzana Educational Charitable  Society Mohd Ramzan Wani Awantipora Pulwama District


01933213190/ 9796461146 JK-2016-0113141 Ration Kits/Medicine / Food Kits/ Masks / Sanitizers / 1-Nissar-ul Haq

Asrar Amain-7006273185

2.-Aijaz Hamid- 7880660067

3-Mr. Iqbal- 7006593482

4-Khurshid Ahmad Bhat- 9541522267

Masks – 1000 Nos.

Sanitizers- 275

Food Kits- 300 & Medicines

34 Ration



5 Ansar-ul- Masakeen Afiqa Ali. Kakapora Pulwama Kakpora




7006708054 6723-RS/723 Fumigation/Masks /Health Infrastructure. 1-Ali Mohd Mir,

2-Mohd Munawar Wani,

3-Gh. Mohi Ud din Wagay,

4-Mohd Akbar Mir,

5-Gh Rasool Dar

Respiratory OPD Cabin to PHC Kakapora,

Lunch  to migrant labour camp Kakapora

Rice- 10 Qtls.

Chili Powder 30 Kgs.

Pulses 15 Kg,

C. Oil 30 Kgs


chloroquin 25 litres.

Sanitizer 100 ml 60 Pcs.

6. Help Foundation JK Nighat Shafi Pandith Tulsi Bagh Srinagar 2905-





01942310256  Reg. with JK societies Act Dry Ration Munazir shafi

Mudassir Hassan Shah

10 families provided food packets.

01 patient provided medicine

200 families targeted for next month to provide ration in pulwama
7. Humanity Welfare Organization Javid Ahmad Tak National




Anantnag, Pulwama, Shopian,





Reg Awareness

Grocery Kits

44- Volunteers  nil 10 grocery Kits
8 Mohamadia women & Child care Society Raqeeba Farooq Rajpora





Pulwama 9419446655 Registered Ration 5 Ex. Members & 10 General Members Hand Sanitizers, Masks, Rice, Cooking Oil, Flour 12 kg pulses

30 kg Rice

10 Ltr Oil

10 Kg Flour


9 Help Together Foundation  Ayash Ali Masoodi  Namblabal Pampore Awantipora,





trust Food kits include ration for one month 1.       Ahsan Masoodi


Sadaf Amin Malik 8899334803

Masroof Ahmad 7006574380

   300 food packs 50 Ration Kits
10 Al Ansar Foundation Jk Syed Bashir Ahmad Rajpora




9469164041 Society Registration


Ratio Kits/ sanitization/ Awareness/ Medicine 1.       FayazAhmad Wani 9858977870

2.       Fayaz Ahmad Shah 9469179282

350 Ration Kits

Masks 2500,  sanitizers 50


Fumigation of tehsil Office, Hospital, Jk Bank, Masjid Sharief

Rice 30 bags, sugar 1 bag, Atta 30 bags


11 JK Yateem Foundation Md. Amin Jammu Kashmir/


Pulwama 01942312928


3758-S of2001 Cash Assistance to Widows & Destitutes

Ration to poor

Md Amin 9906566510

Md Ayoub Wani

Cash Assistance of Rs   10.023 lacs     to different persons.

Ration Kits to 180 families

12 Peoples Welfare Trust Dr Rafiq  Opp. District Hospital Pulwama Pulwama 019332 Court Registration


Medical Equipment to quarantine centres.

Ration Kits

Dr Rafiq 9419038788

Aijaz Bashir 600609787

139 washable PPE Kits,100 pillow covers, 74 bed sheets, 73 cotton masks, 50 n95 masks, 5 ltr hyposal bottles for fumigation, 1200 sanitizers
13 Chinar International Irfan ShahMiri Hyderpora Srinagar Pulwama-Budgam 9797150777 492490DL2012-NPL-245440 Ration Kits Sanitization Rouf Ahmad Khanday 197 RationKits 200 ration Kits
14 Kidmat Foundation Trust Nazir Ahmad Ahanger Pampore Pampore Kakapora


9419022229 UR Cash Assistance



N.A 50 PPE Kits

500 masks

1.oolac Cash

30 Ration Kits





  • csr committe1
  • csr committee2

Mr Naushad Rather

District Statistics And Evaluation Officer, Pulwama

Nodal Officer

Mobile Number: 917006570770