Can I apply for any online services through this website?

No, this website is designed for the purpose of the dissemination of information by the Pulwama Administration. Presently, we don’t provide the facility of applying for online services. However, we have provided enough information for a citizen to avail the services. Kindly go through the Site Map for easy access of the information provided on this website.

How can I register for a Grievenace?

You can register a grievance through JK Grievance Cell . Also, we have provided the contact details of our Grievance Redressal Officer .

Can I register for an account on this website?

No. You cannot register for an account on this website. This website is strictly for departmental use.

How can I get a Permanent Residence Certificate/State Subject (PRC)?

Please read the formal procedure for the application and obtaining the PRC, here: How to apply for PRC?