Pulwama being a part of the beautiful Valley is bounded by Srinagar in the North by Budgam and Poonch Districts the west and by Anantnag Districts in the South and East. The total area of the district is 1090 Sq. Kms. District Pulwama is situated at an altitude of 1500 to 2000 meters above mean sea level. The District is located at 33.8830554(latitude), 74.9208705(longitude).

The climate in the district is temperate with mercury going 30o C in summer and below freezing point in winter.

The district is surrounded by Hilly terrains , which are 2000 Mtrs. above sea level. As per altitude from sea level the district can be divided into three zones i.e. zone Ist falls upto the level of 1700 meters. zone 2nd falls between 1700 to 2000 mtrs. And zone 3rd above 2000 mtrs.

Zone Ist covers the entire area of tehsil Pulwama, Pampore and a portion of Tehsil Tral. Zone 2nd major portion of Tehsil Tral is falling under this zone. Forests with extending upto alpine height fall in zone 3rd with a number of meadows. The river Jehlum passes through this district from Anantnag to Srinagar. The water of river Jehlum, ,a navigated channel is utilized for irrigation purposes through lift irrigation system. The maximum rainfall as recorded in district during the schedule year 1998 was 772.30 mm at per station Pulwama .

Most of the higher reaches in tehsil Tral experience early snowfall in winters. The district experiences rainfall during the winter and early summer from western disturbances & monsoon rains from July onward. The district has met with severe drought since a couple of last years also.