The area under Forests in the district is 1083.25 Sq.Kms. including an area of 273.25 Sq.Kms. falling under WILD LIFE. Out turn of timber contributes a major share in the economy of the State. The major commercial species which are grown in these forests are DEODAR, KAIL, and FUR. Besides medicinal Herbs are also available there. Forests are claimed to be the GREEN GOLD of the State, which not only provide timber for construction purpose but also fuel and protection to the Wild Life. The year-wise extraction is given as under:

Year Forest area (Sq. Km’s)
2008-2009 810
2009-2010 412
2010-2011 412
2011-2012 412
2012-2013 412
2013-2014 412
2014-2015 412