1. Brief profile of Department:

Kashmir Handicrafts play a vital role in socio-economic Development of Jammu and Kashmir. World known Crafts represent the culture of the State also at global level.

Directorate of Handicrafts (J&K) was established as part of Department of Industries and Commerce in 1972-73 and the main mandate of the Department is overall development of Handicrafts Sector in the State which primarily includes:

a). Widening of artisan base by imparting Training to unskilled persons.

b). Financial assistance to Individual Artisans in the shape of Artisan Credit Card (ACC).

C). Marketing support to the Artisans/Societies

d). Formation of Handicrafts Co-operative societies.

The Departments main activities in the District are summed up as under.

  1. a) Training Programme: – The main aim of training programme is to impart training in different crafts to the unskilled youth for a period of 1 to 2 years enabling them to earn their livelihood after completion of training period. The Department runs 20 training centers in the District with intake capacity of 25 trainees each and as such 444 trainees are undergoing training in these centers in the crafts like Crewel Embroidery, Sozni Embroidery, Ari Stapple, Paper Machie, Carpet Weaving and Wood Carving Crafts. 199 trainees have complete their training during the current financial year upto ending 01/2020 & 444 more trainees are going to complete their training in the following centers:


S. No.  Name of the Training Centre No. of Trainees undergoing Training during 2020 Block
1. Gabba ATC Padgampora 23 Awantipora
2. Stapple ETC Shar-i-Shali 21
3. Namdha ETC Samboora 25
4. Crewel ATC Awantipora 23
5. Paper Machie ETC Hathkul 23
6. Zari ATC Karimabad 25
7. Wood Carving ETC Sathergund 24 Pulwama
8. Crewel ATC Uzrampathri 25
9. Crewel ETC Muchpuna 25
10. Wood Carving ETC Qazigund 17
11. Stapple ETC Pinglena 25
12. Crewel ATC Batgund 19 Tral
13. Carpet ETC Satoora Tral 20
14. Carpet ETC Rathsuna 23
15. Sozni ETC Lurgam Tral 17
16. Sozni ETC Khangund Tral 19
17. Leather Stapple ATC Tral 25
18. Chain Stitch ETC Lariyar Tral 23
19. Paper Machie ETC Seer Tral 22
20. Carpet ETC Monghama 20
TOTAL 444  

The Trainees are being paid stipend of Rs.700/= in respect of Advance Training centers and Rs.500/= in respect of Elementary Training centers per month and the same is credited into their Bank Accounts to ensure its transparency and the department bears Rs. 33.60 lac’s on this account annually. Needless to add here that the department runs 06 Advance Training Centers and 14 Elementary Training Centers in the District.


  1. b) Welfare measures for Artisan Community: – To encourage and boost the Artisan Community, the Department provides financial assistance through Banks under Artisan Credit Card Scheme to the desirous registered Artisans @ Rs 1.00 lac each and Department bears 10% Interest Subsidy which is being credited into their loan accounts.


  1. c) Supply of Modern Carpet Looms to Carpet Weavers:- For welfare of Carpet Weavers, the central government in collaboration with state government through directorate of Handicrafts, some eight thousand Modern Carpet Looms have been supplied to Carpet weavers of the state in the previous years of 2012-13 and 2013-14 through SICOP and in district Pulwama 515 weavers have been covered under the scheme.


  1. Mobile Number, FAX, Email, Grievance Helpline of Department Head.


Head of the Department: Mr. Qadeer Ahmad Charak (Assistant Director Handicrafts).

Mobile: +919419130402

Office Landline No. & FAX.:+911933241052


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  1. Working Emergency Contact Details for Department.
S. No. Name of the Officer Designation Contact No.
1. Mr. Qadeer Ahmad Charak Assistant Director Handicrafts 9419130402
2. Mr. Ghulam Ahmad Sofi Handicrafts Training Officer 7006076839
3. Mr. Abdul Hamid Bhat Handicrafts Training Officer 7051721259
4. Mr. Khursheed Ahmad Reshi Assistant Handicrafts Training Officer 7006557743
5. Dr. Shabeer Ahmad Rather Assistant Handicrafts Training Officer 8491800585
6. Mr. Mir Awsaf Ahmad Assistant Handicrafts Training Officer 9797220745
7. Mr. Satpal Singh Assistant Handicrafts Training Officer 7006258285
8. Mr. Sharif u Din Shah Assistant Handicrafts Training Officer 7006079450
9. Mr. Mohammad Aijaz ul Haq Assistant Handicrafts Training Officer 7780850365
10. Mr. Sabzar Ahmad Wagay Assistant Handicrafts Training Officer 7006560251
11. Mr. Sheikh Manzoor Elahi Assistant Handicrafts Training Officer 8899270192
12. Mr. Sheikh Mohammad Asif Assistant Handicrafts Training Officer 7006280047


Office Landline & FAX: +911933241052

  1. Office Direction with Landmarks.

Office of the Assistant Director Handicrafts, Industrial Estate, Chatapora Pulwama-192301.