Industries and Labor

This district has the Union Territory largest cement plant viz. J&K Cements Ltd. at Khrew with a capacity of 1200 M tons cement per day. In this district two important projects have been taken up for execution during current year, namely, Union Territory Entrepreneur Development Institute and International Trade Centre at Pampore. Besides having an industrial dominance Pulwama is also considered to be the largest milk-producing district of Jammu and Kashmir. Lassipora SIDCO has various small and medium factories. Zum zum milk is produced there. Pulwama District is also well known for its industries these industries include SIDCO which are located at Lassipora, a village of Pulwama where hundreds of labors are given jobs.

Steps to set up MSMEs
Type of assistance Name and address of agencies
Provisional Registration Certificate(EM-I) and Permanent Registration Certificate(EM-II) District Industries Centre, Pulwama
Identification of Project Profiles, techno-economic and managerial consultancy services, market survey and economic survey reports ITCO
Land and Industrial shed SICOP, SIDCO
Financial Assistance J&K Bank, SBI. PNB, Grameen Bank, JKFC, JKDFC
For raw materials under Government supply SICOP
Plant and machinery under hire / purchase basis NSIC
Power/Electricity PDD, J&K Union Territory
Technical Know -how District Industries Centre, Pulwama – MSME DI I/E Digiana Jammu
Quality and Standard BIS, Chandigarh
Marketing/Export Assistance Directorate of Industries & Commerce, Jawar Udyog Bhavan Rail Head Complex Jammu, J&K – Directorate of Industries & commerce, Opposite Pratap park Srnagar J&K – MSME DI I/E Digiana Jammu
Other Promotional Agencies EDI, Jawar Udyog Bhavan Rail Head Complex Jammu, Director JKEDI, Pampore Pulwama 192121 -MSME DI I/E Digiana Jammu