• 16

    Awareness Programe under BBBP at Aripal Tral

  • 15

    Awareness Programe under BBBP at Aripal

  • 14

    Awareness Programe under BBBP at K-Koot

  • 12

    Village Health and Nutrition Day at Luroo Tral

  • mm

    Distribution of Ladli Beti Kits and Certificates during B2V3 at Barsoo Pampore

  • cs

    CS J&K Visited MSK ICDS Stall at Town Hall pampore on Block Divas

  • msk2

    Awareness regarding various women centric schemes during B2V3

  • dcp

    Distribution of Ladli Beti Kits and Certificates during B2V3 at Lethpora Pampore

  • 19-10c

    Awarenesa program held at ICDS Project headquarter Kakapora on 15-10-20 by MSK Pulwama.

  • b2

    Msk pulwmama at block diwas townhall pampore

  • 19-10

    Participation of MSK Pulwama along with ICDS Pulwama on 11-10-20 for Celebration of " international girl child day"

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    Poster Campaign on BBBP During B2V3

  • msk3

    Distribution of Ladli Beti Certificates during B2V3

  • msk6

    Distribution of Ladli Beti Kits and Certificates during Block Diva at Townhall Pulwama

  • msk8

    Distribution of Ladli Beti Kits and Certificates during B2V3 at Chatripora Pulwama

  • Block Diwas1

    Block Diwas

  • msk3

    Sticker Campaign during b2v3

  • Poshan Abhiyan321

    Poshan Abhiyan

  • Block Diwas

    Block Diwas Pulwama

  • msk2

    Prabhat rally on BBBP during B2V3

  • msk8

    Awareness regarding BBBP at GDC Womens Pulwamaduring B2V3

  • BB

    Distribution of Ladli Beti Kits and Certificates during B2V3 at Koil

Mahila Shakti Kendra (MSK):

     This scheme was launched in 2017 by Government of India to empower rural women through community participation and to create an environment in which they realise their full potential. The main purpose of this scheme is to enhance women’s quality of their primary as well as secondary education and overall quality of life will be improved through the implementation of this scheme life.

    The scheme aims to provide support service for empowering rural women with opportunities for skill development, digital literacy, health, nutrition and employment. Further the scheme aims to improve declining child sex ratio and ensure survival and protection of the girl child and ensuring her education and empowering her to fulfil her potential.  The Scheme provides an interface for rural women to approach government for getting their entitlements for empowering them through training and capacity building.

  The scheme is envisaged to work at various levels. While, National Level and State Level (State Resource Centre for Women) structures for providing technical support to the respective government on issues related to women, the District and Block Level Centres for providing support to MSK and also give a foothold to BBBP.

   In the district Pulwama District Level Centre for Women (DLCW) MSK was established and the team start functioning and working in the district from 16th of March 2020 with staff strength of 3 officials (1 Women Welfare Officer and 2 District Coordinators).

  • Awareness /advocacy programmes held with field staff (Supervisors) of ICDS projects Tral, Pulwama, Kakapora and Keller on different dates.
  • Capacity Building and training programme held with SHG groups of NRLM at district head quarter NRLM pulwama.
  • Baseline survey of women of all age groups in the district in coordination with ICDS field functionaries and as per the survey :
Total no. Households in the district: 88908
Total no. Of BPL Households 45365
Total no. Of AAY Households: 15051
Total no. Of females with age group (0-6)  27508
Total no. Of females with age group( 6-18) 41782
Total no. Of females with age group (18-40) 85310
Total no. Of females with age group (40-55) 48263
Total no. Of females with age group (55 and above) 35376
Total no. of females perceiving education 57514
Total no. of housewives 119963
Total no. of working women 6457
Total no. of widows 11446
Total no. of differently abled women  3732


  • 51 Awareness programmes  regarding women empowerment schemes and importance of girl education held  in different Villages of District Pulwama
  • 2 Prabhat Rallies conducted by DLCW(MSK Pulwama) regarding BBBP.
  • 1 Drawing competition  and 2 sticker  & poster campaigns.
  • 10 VHND Programmes held by DLCW(MSK Pulwama)
  • 16 Domestic Violence cases identified
  • DLCW (MSK) Pulwama identified 25 women of different age groups in Kakapora and Rajpora block who are willing to get linked with NRLM project for that the team forwarded a representation to concerned District Development Commissioner for implementation of NRLM project in Block Rajpora and Block kakapora regarding creation of Self Help Groups under NRLM for upliftment of women in these blocks.
  • Meetings with NRLM, Rural Development Department, Social Welfare department, Education Department, Labour Department, Health Department (NHM), Handicrafts, DIC, Agriculture  etc department on different dates.
  • MSK team identified 34 drop out girls in the age group of 11-14 years of age. Among which till date one girl dropout has been re-enrolled by the team.
  • International Yoga day was celebrated by MSK at project office ICDS Pulwama on 21-June 2020.
  • The team also identified a case of domestic violence and register the same before District Legal Services authority at district Court Pulwama for further intervention.
  • A baseline survey conducted recently by the team in the ICDS zones of the district, among which a list of 382not linked female beneficiaries of Block Kakapora has been forwarded to department of Social Welfare for further process.
Number of beneficiaries linked by DLCW Pulwama with different schemes from March 2020 to February 2021 Name of the Scheme     No. of beneficiaries Name of the department
 01 Ladli Beti 113 Department of ICDS Pulwama
 02 PMMVY 321 Department of ICDS Pulwama
 03 Widow Pension  Scheme 316 Department of Social Welfare Pulwama
 04 Scheme for Women in distress 02 Department of Social Welfare Pulwama
 05 Old Age pension Scheme 966 Department of Social Welfare Pulwama
 06 State Marriage Assistance  70 Department of Social Welfare Pulwama
 07 NRLM  19 NRLM Pampore.
8 Ujjwala 7 CAPD
9 Building and other Constructions Workers Welfare scheme 46 Labour Department
10 Physically challenged Women 126 Department of Social Welfare
11 Child Line(1098) 08 Volunteer Org
12 Orphan Education Sponsorship 15 Volunteer Org
13 Sukaniya Samriddhi Yojana 16 Department of Posts
14 PM Kissan 15 Department of Agriculture
15 PMEGP 05 Department of Industries and Commerce
16 Micro Credit Loan Scheme 04 Department JK-WDC
17 Artisan Loan Scheme 03 Department Of Handicrafts
    Apart from linkage of beneficiaries with the above mentioned schemes, the team of DLCW Pulwama provided Counseling services to the beneficiaries so that they could be able to  live dignified lives.
District Level Centre for Women (DLCW) Pulwama

Mahila Shakti Kendra (MSK):

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