Work Distribution Chart

Work Distribution Chart


/Route through

 Personal Section of DEPUTY COMMISSIONER
1.     Mushtaq Ahmad Malik      NT/ PA

2.     Mohammad Ishaq Shah    Stenographer

3.     Deen Mohammad            Stenographer

4.     Abdul Rashid Dar             Jr. Assistant

5.     Farooq Ahmad Mir           Orderly

1.    Personal and Confidential Work of Deputy Commissioner

2.    Law and Order / Magisterial deployments etc.,

3.    Magisterial Enquires/ PSA Dossiers

4.    APRs of all sectors

5.    District Estates

6.    District Garages

Direct Report to Deputy Commissioner
1.     Abdul Hamid Shah           Jr. Assistant

2.     Nisar Ahmad                   Jr. Assistant

3.     Mohammad Iqbal            Helper (DRDA)

4.     Manzoor Ahmad              Helper (DRDA)

5.     Irshad Ahmad                 Orderly

6.     Abdul Rahim Mir              Orderly

1.    Personal Assignments of  ADC

2.    CM’s Grievances Cell/ District Cell/ Complaints

& matters relating to  Independence Day/ Republic Day/ festivals/ public congregations etc

3.    DVO/VOK/Crime complaints/cases

Additional Deputy Commissioner
Relief Section (A)
1.   Vacant                              Section Officer

2.   Zahoor Ahmad Mir             Jr. Assistant

3.   Feroz Ahmad Mir               Jr. Assistant

4.   Rukhsar-Ul-Islam               Orderly (Typist)

5.   Shahzada Parveen             Orderly

6.   Irfan Ahmad Mir                Orderly

1.    Subversion Relief cases

2.    SRO 43 cases (Militancy related)

3.    Dependence/ legal heir cases

4.    Domicile Certificates

Assistant Commissioner (Revenue)
Relief Section (B)
1.     Vacant                           Section Officer

2.     Mushtaq Ahmad Allaie      Jr. Assistant

3.     Shamim Ahmad               Orderly

NYK                               01

1.    Normal Relief/ SDRF

2.    Disaster Management

Additional Deputy

Commissioner, Awantipora



Legal Section
1.     Mohammad Ramzan Magray    L/A ARA

2.     Shabir Ahmad Mir            Patawari

3.     Khurshid Ahmad              Jr. Assistant

4.     Mushtaq Ahmad Malik     Orderly

+  NYK                           03

1.    Court Cases/PILs and litigations of all sorts sub-judice / under contest cases in all  Courts

2.    SHRC Cases

Additional Deputy Commissioner
Establishment Section
1.     Syed Altaf Ahmad Shah    Sadder Muhasib

2.     Bilal Ahmad Ganaie          Jr. Assistant

3.     Aijaz-ul-Nazar                 Patawari

4.     Aijaz-ul-Haq                    Orderly

1.    Establishment of Gazetted and Ministerial Cadre

2.    Stamp Vendor cases / Attorney / Stamps  and Registration related cases

3.    Brick Kiln and Shali Cases

4.    Tree cases

5.    Public Service guarantee Act

6.    Cases under SARFESI Act and other Recoveries

7.    Tour dairies of revenue officers (Tehsildars & Naib-Tehsildars)

8.    Lambardari& Chowkidari cases

Assistant Commissioner (Revenue) / Additional Deputy Commissioner


SQ Section
1.     Mukhtar Ahmad Shiekh     Patawari

2.     Nazir Ahmad Wani           Patawari

3.     Syed Ishrat                     Patawari

4.     Syed Ashiq                      Patawari

5.     Hira Lal                          Sr. Assistant

6.     Altaf Hussain Shah           Jr. Assistant

7.     Farooq Ahmad Paul         Orderly

1.    Land alienation cases

2.    Land Transfer cases

3.    Land Exchange Cases

4.    Migrant cases and complaints

5.    Encroachments

6.    Jamabandi, Girdawari,  Karguzari  of field functionaries  etc.,

7.    NOC For Stone Crusher & H&W Mix Plants / Dispensing Units/ Mobile towers

8.    All cases and matters related to Land

9.    Establishment of Field Revenue functionaries.

Assistant Commissioner (Revenue)



Land Acquisition Section
1.     Shamus-Ud-Din Shah       Jr. Assistant

2.     Ghulam Qadir Rather       Jr. Assistant

3.     Mohammad Maqbool       Jr. Assistant

4.     Syed Aijaz                      Patawari

5.     Casual staff                     03      (RAMKY)

6.     NYK                               01

PMGSY/ 220 KV Transmission Line,  Ring Road Additional Deputy Commissioner
General Land Acquisition of all types all indenting departments/ Requisition and Rent cases of Defence, AIIMS & IUST Awantipora, 4 Lane NHAI Assistant Commissioner (Revenue)
Reader Section
1.     Jalila Akhter                    Sr. Steno

2.     Mohammad Ishaq Mir      Jr. Assistant

3.     Mohammad Ayub Lone     Jr. Assistant

4.     Rakesh Kumar                 Orderly

Court Cases of:

i.     Deputy Commissioner

ii.    Addl. Deputy Commissioner

iii.   Asstt. Commissioner (Rev)

iv.   Anganwari & Food Safety and Standards Act cases

Judicial Section
1.    Vacant                           Section Officer

2.    Irfan Mushtaq Wani         Jr. Assistant

Gun Licence/Acid licences/Character certificates/

Verifications & General judicial cases all  other related job

Additional Deputy Commissioner
Naazarat Section
1.    Syed Altaf Ahmad            Sadder Muhasib

2.    Ghulam Qadir Bhat          WBN

3.    Tariq Ahmad Bhat            Jr. Assistant

4.    Ms. Mehbooba                 Orderly

1.    Cash & Bank transactions under all A/C Heads

2.    Budget under all A/C Heads

3.    Freedom fighter cases

4.    Census & Aadhar Job

Additional Deputy Commissioner
RTI Section
1.    Mohammad Ayub Lone     Jr. Assistant

2.    Javed Ahmad Wani          Jr. Assistant

3.    NYK                               01

1.    RTI  1st Appeal cases

2.    RTI Applications

Additional Deputy Commissioner





Haj Section
1.    Tariq Ahmad Bhat           Jr. Assistant

(Additional Charge)

2.    Ms. Mahjabeena              Orderly

3.   Rukhsar-Ul-Islam Additional)    Orderly (Typist)

All Haj Related Jobs Assistant Commissioner
Record Room
1.    Farooq Ahmad Wani        Jr. Assistant

2.    Zahoor Ahmad Ganaie      Settlement 0Asstt

Record Room Additional Deputy Commissioner
Red cross Section
1.    Mushtaq Ahmad              Casual

2.    Ms. Gousia                      Casual

3.    NYK                               01

Red Cross Collection & Distribution Additional Deputy Commissioner
Receipt and Dispatch Section
1.    Farooq Ahmad Mir           Jr. Assistant

2.    Haroon Rashid Bandh       Jr. Assistant

3.    Ms. Shamima                  Orderly

4.    Sunil Kumar                    Orderly

5.    Dileep Kumar                  Orderly

6.    NYK                               01

Dairisation and distribution of all official Dak Assistant Commissioner


 Deputy Commissioner